Help keep your employees motivated

Company fitness from Amforca Sports, Health, and Lifestyle is more than just training. We offer a whole range of approaches to promoting health at work, and we can tailor these to suit your needs and wishes.

Health programmes can reduce a company’s costs over the long term through prevention, which has been shown to work.


  • Lower costs through fewer sick days
  • Stress reduction
  • An increase in commitment and productivity
  • Improvements in the atmosphere and in the possibilities for team building
  • The promotion of the social aspect within the business

Whether it’s prevention courses such as a class in looking after the back, a weight-control programme, or a class offering the latest in fitness just for its own sake–Amforca has it all. Having one or another course in your company will help increase staff satisfaction and possible, in turn, your company’s productivity.


Amforca – Sports, Health and Lifestyle is specialized in weight control and in relieving stress and it offers possibilities to stay fit and healthy…

  • Programmes for stress reduction
  • Preventive courses (think of prevention to back pain, RSI pain, high blood pressure etc)
  • General fitness classes to improve (core) strength
  • DNA analysis regarding the nutritional needs and for a sport programme recommendation based on the DNA.
  • Team building activities
  • EMS – Training